Training Possibilities


The Faculty of Theology of the University of Ljubljana hosts several international interdisciplinary scientific conferences and symposia every year. One of the most prominent of these is the international conference in Celje, which is organised at the end of October or the beginning of November by the research group.

Institutes and centres also organise regular conferences. Every year we have a conference on spirituality and psychotherapy and on relationships.

Archives and Libraries

At UL, researchers can do research in the archives and libraries mentioned above. We also give them the opportunity to participate in the teaching process and in project work. During their research, researchers can study in the library, archives and classrooms.

Multimedia Room

The Faculty of Theology also has a multimedia room where researchers can make promotional videos about their research work and thus disseminate their work.

Access to Online Databases

Each visiting researcher at the UL TEOF can obtain a username and password that gives him/her online access to already digitized archival data and other databases.