Identity and Mission

RESILIENCE stands for: REligious Studies Infrastructure: tooLs, Innovation, Experts, conNections and Centres in Europe.

In an effort to describe RESILIENCE, we have summarized our identity and mission for you in six statements. These statements explains what RESILIENCE is, what RESILIENCE does and who RESILIENCE serves.

RESILIENCE is undertaken by twelve academic institutions from ten European countries to create a research infrastructure for Religious Studies. It receives funding from the H2020 Programme.

Identity and Mission of RESILIENCE, the future Religious Studies Research Infrastructure

  • RESILIENCE is a unique, interdisciplinary and invigorating distributed research infrastructure for Religious Studies, building a high-performance access platform, supplying data, tools and expertise.
  • RESILIENCE responds to the need for the broader and more structured involvement of excellent researchers, producing productive skills, new knowledge, a new approach and a visible impact in terms of innovation in the scientific field of Religious Studies.
  • RESILIENCE supplies easy access to digital as well as physical data on religion and to advanced tools in knowing and understanding these data, and thus facilitates, invigorates and disseminates high-quality research concerning religion all over Europe and beyond.
  • RESILIENCE primarily serves the academic community, and at the same time its impact extends significantly to the non-academic community: it offers the tools for an innovative approach which can be used to build a European response to the challenges of diversity of religion.
  • RESILIENCE is based on the excellency of partners who have proven to be able to collaborate in a collegial and efficient way. Many of the partners share more than a decade of fruitful collaborative relationships, proving the capacity to achieve an implementation which is feasible and stable.
  • RESILIENCE allows the production of knowledge, because knowledge is the prolific field on which is possible to generate further innovative methods and tools.

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