Overall Goals

Do you want to know what we're trying to achieve? We've listed our main goals for you, so you can easily see what RESILIENCE is all about.

RESILIENCE works towards creating a European research infrastructure for religious studies, which will help create a shared European response to challenges arising from diversity of religion. In order to achieve this, we have described eight overall goals, which reflect the many things we aim to achieve.

The eight goals of the RESILIENCE Research Infrastructure

1. Becoming the main European research infrastructure for all religious studies.
2. Providing fast and high-quality access to research data on religion.
3. Serving the scholarly community of religious studies through listening to their need.
4. Constructing junctions of excellent research on religion as well as centers for information and studies for the wider public.
5. Developing new and sustainable techniques to recover and present research data.
6. Inserting into the public discourse religious expertise and related cultural competence.
7. Supporting the stakeholders in modelling public programmes, cultural strategies, societal choices, diplomatic positions.
8. Initiating tools and methods for products and cost-effective services related to religion.

The Future of RESILIENCE

The project partners of RESILIENCE are all working hard to make sure, that we will achieve the goals which have been set for this project. If you want to stay in the loop on how we are progressing you can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.