WP5 – Communication and Dissemination

The fifth Work Package (WP5) aims at developing and implementing suitable strategies for the communication and dissemination of RESILIENCE’s activities and results.

WP5 provides them in such a way as to facilitate better teaching and innovation in research across disciplinary and national borders. This is a crucial endeavour for RESILIENCE with a view to becoming a multilingual infrastructure combining virtual content with opportunities for face-to-face engagement as well as high-quality presentation/curation of sources.

WP5 develops an innovative and inclusive communication and dissemination strategy in which all members of the RESILIENCE consortium act as multipliers (as previously tested and practiced in ReIReS) to reach new audiences outside the immediate academic field of religious studies and to address them appropriately, thereby striving to create an all-encompassing strategy. This joint effort guarantees the coherence of RESILIENCE’s corporate identity and presentation at large.


  • To promote RESILIENCE’s activities through different levels of intervention and communication in academia and in the public sphere at large, thus maximizing the impact of RESILIENCE in its contribution to the increase and transfer of knowledge in the field of religious studies;
  • to develop an audience- and growth-focused dissemination strategy (academic, non-academic, users, potential new partners) based on each and every partner’s key skills;
  • to define processes to obtain and exploit internal and external feedback;
  • to explore and develop innovative approaches to communication and dissemination;
  • to define strategies to enter into a proactive relationship with other European projects and infrastructures;
  • and to pay special attention to Eastern Europe and the Balkan area for all these objectives.