WP5: Impact

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Lead Beneficiary

University of Sarajevo

Other Beneficiaries Involved

University of Sofia, Theological University of Apeldoorn, University of Warsaw

WP5 Objectives

RESILIENCE already developed an in-depth socio-economic ex ante impact study which should be detailed in terms of effective impact cases, to be evaluated in quantitative and qualitative terms.

WP5 acts as a transversal WP which cooperates with all other WPs to develop an impact measurement methodology to identify, evaluate and quantify RESILIENCE impact in the long term in its different areas of action (science, society, economy, politics and policy, innovation, human resources).

WP5 works in close collaboration with WP4, but the two work diffently towards impact: WP5 is dedicated to the analysis on the whole RI impact in its full life cyble, while WP4 establishes a plan to produce impact connected to the objectives of the RESILIENCE PPP.

Description of Work/Tasks

T5.1 Impact assessment.


D5.1 Impact analysis: The document reports on the measures of the RESILIENCE impact, the methodology chosen to identify and measure them according to the RESILIENCE impact areas and on the geographic areas where RESILIENCE hubs and nodes are present.