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The Bektashi World Center (Kryegjyshatës Botërore Bektashiane) is the international headquarter of the Bektashi Order, an Islamic mystic order originating in the 13th-century. It is located in Albania’s capital Tirana and holds a library, archives with phototec and phonotec, and a museum.


Bektashism is a mystical Islamic path that follows Islamic precepts and activities, with the Quran and the word of the Prophet Mohammad as its basis. The roots of the Bektashi order (tariqat) in Albania go back more than eight centuries, when the missionary Sar Salltik set signs of his work throughout Albania and the Balkans. In 1930, King Zog, who respected the Bektashi order, appointed Sali Niazi Dede as the world leader of the Bektashi, who established the world headquarters of the Bektashi movement in Tirana.

The Bektashi order is a religious community that is non-political and non-governmental, and represents with the World Headquarters of the Bektashi one of the most important traditional religious communities in Albania in history and present time.

Within RESILIENCE Transnational Access, researchers can study a wide range of materials on the history and life of the Bektashi community, religious rites, culture, interfaith and international relations, as well as other topics related to Islam and mysticism.