TNA @Bektashi World Center

The Bektashi World Center (Kryegjyshatës Botërore Bektashiane) is the international headquarter of the Bektashi Order, an Islamic mystic order originating in the 13th century. It is located in Albania's capital Tirana and holds a library, archives with phototeque and phonotheque, and a museum.

Benefits for TNA Users

A TNA stay at the Bektashi World Center will bring you certain benefits.

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About Us

The Bektashi order is a religious community that is non-political and non-governmental, and represents with the World Headquarters of the Bektashi one of the most important traditional religious communities in Albania in history and present time.

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Our Collections

An important area of the collection are books with historical themes about Bektashism, literature on prophets and religion, educational works, biographies, monographic works about the culture, science, social life and similar topics.

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Research Groups and Expertise

Experts are available at the Bektashi World Centre who can advise visiting scholars on their research.

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Training Possibilities

Training possibilities are wide-ranging and are provided as needed.

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Explore National Libraries and Museums

You may want to visit national libraries and museums during your research stay in Tirana.

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TNA Contact

If you would like to learn more about our TNA services, you can contact us via email. Our TNA coordinators are happy to provide you with further information, and explain further how you can benefit from a TNA visit at our institute.

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Visit our website to learn more about our center.

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Transnational Access Fellowship Programme

Visit the Transnational Access Fellowship Programme overview page.

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