About Us

The Theological University of Apeldoorn (TUA) is an internationally oriented university in the center of the Netherlands.


Within the landscape of theological universities and faculties in the Netherlands, TUA plays an essential role as a think tank for issues on the connection between theology and other fields such a politics, healthcare, law and ethics. The approx. 200 undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students come from various (confessional) backgrounds and from various countries. National student evaluations have ranked TUA for several years as one of the best Dutch universities. The Research Programs have also received excellent evaluations by the official visitation committees and the academic output is well-recognized. In research and in training TUA is connected to other academic institutions in and outside the Netherlands and maintains a tradition of exchange of knowledge and faculty with institutions mainly in North- America, South- Africa and Asia. TUA is represented in the various national boards and committees dealing with training and research in the field of theology and Religious Studies.


The TUA is one of the world´s leading centers in research on the theology and history of the Protestant Reformation. The collections of the TUA-library reflect this specialism. With a strong focus on biblical languages Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek and on the sources of Early Modern Calvinism as one of the key shapers of Western society, the TUA is internationally recognised for its high quality research on analysing and editing texts.


The TUA is involved in the publication of several critical editions of documents and writings from the early modern period which relates to the focus on source-orientated research. These editions are published in print and in digital form at major international publishing houses. The Faculty of TUA is involved in a variety of peer-reviewed book series and journals, like the Refo500 Academic Studies and Reformed Historical Theology Series.


Over the past years TUA has invested in facilitating students and researchers with various technical and financial means in order to work more effectively. This investment has attracted visiting scholars from various continents. The TUA is regularly involved in projects in which academic content is communicated to a wider audience for example as co-organiser of exhibitions and media-productions in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States.