TNA @Theological University of Apeldoorn

The Theological University of Apeldoorn (TUA) is one of the world´s leading centers in research on the theology and history of the Protestant Reformation.

Benefits for TNA Users

A TNA stay at the TUA will bring you certain benefits.

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Watch the Video

If you will be visiting us as a TNA user, you will find a well equipped, and easy accessible library, a helpful and collegial staff, as well as a stimulating and quiet atmosphere.

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About Us

The Theological University of Apeldoorn (TUA) is an internationally oriented university in the center of the Netherlands.

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Our Collections

The TUA library covers all theological disciplines, with a focus on the history and theology of the Protestant Reformation.

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A number of specific databases is available for researchers.

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Other Relevant Entities Related to the TUA

In research and in training, TUA is connected to other academic institutions in and outside the Netherlands.

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Research Groups and Expertise

Meet the Research Group BEST (Biblical Exegesis and Theology), the Research Group Church History and Church Law, and the Research Group Practical Theology.

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Explore National Libraries and Museums

Distances are short in the Netherlands and public transportation is very well organized. These two factors combined with the fact that Apeldoorn is right in the middle of the Netherlands, means that within an 1-1,5 hour national libraries and museums can be reached.

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TNA Contact

If you would like to learn more about our TNA services, you can contact us via email. Our TNA coordinators are happy to provide you with further information, and explain further how you can benefit from a TNA visit at our institute.

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Visit our website to learn more about our university.

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Transnational Access Fellowship Programme

Visit the Transnational Access Fellowship Programme overview page.

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Thirteen European institutions have joined forces in RESILIENCE.