Our Collections

The TUA library covers all theological disciplines, with a focus on the history and theology of the Protestant Reformation.

The catalogue with title descriptions of the TUA library consists of metadata and digital content. The TUA catalogue is shared with the Libraries of TU Kampen | Utrecht and the John Smith Library in Amsterdam. Their collections are also available.

The TUA library contains the following special collections:

  • A collection of books and brochures relating to the history of the Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.
  • A collection of books and brochures by and about Dr H.F. Kohlbr├╝gge.
  • A collection on loan from the Foundation for the Study of the Later Reformation (SSNR).
  • The collection from the estate of Peter Walter, a specialist in theology and philosophy of the Middle Ages and the Reformation, and of Catholic theology in the 20th century. This collection is still being selected / sorted and included in the catalogue.
  • TUA Dissertations and TUA Master theses in a Theological Repository available by the catalogue.
  • The protestant debate in print (1840-1950). This digital collection of brochures and pamphlets, part of five collections, is a source of knowledge about the Protestant debate in the 19th and early 20th centuries that can be searched for in its entirety, location-independent. The descriptions consists of metadata and digital content. Available by the catalogue and Delpher.