News 14 March 2024

A Dive into the Codex of Berat

Students and lecturers of Albanian University paid a visit to the Berat Museum Center, in which they took a figurative dive into the Codex of Berat (Codex Purpureus Beratinus).


Students and lecturers of Albanian University visited the Berat Museum Center, March 9, 2024. The visit was as a practical implementation of one of the focal points Albanian University is working on, namely strengthening collaboration with state structures, at the same time making scholars and others familiar with Albanian’s religious heritage.


The Codex Purpureus Beratinus is one of the seven oldest religious manuscripts in Albania, in purple parchment and in uncial writing, all in silver and gold. Read more here about the codex.


A presentation on “Onufri Iconographic Museum, history and art heritage amid challenges of time”, was held by the director of the museum Miklor Pasku, head of Onufri Museum Arjan Prifti and museum guide Anila Droboniku. The presentation offered a concrete panorama of the recognition of iconography and works of art, preserved in this museum, in Albanian’s religion in the course of centuries.


Prof. Dr. Kaliopi Naska praised the Codex as religious heritage and as an example of expression of changeability and cultural pluralism, by highlighting the values of the scientific publication “Albania’s Codices” of the General Directorate of Archives and UNESCO.