News 26 January 2024

Advisory Board Appointed

We are pleased to announce the appointment of leading scholars as members of RESILIENCE's Advisory Board: Prof. Dr. Florentina Badalanova-Geller, Prof. Dr. Laura Buzi, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Gräb-Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Vasilios Makrides, Dr. Fabio Mazzolini, Prof. Dr. Dirk van Miert, Prof. Dr. Laura Pettinaroli, and Prof. Dr. Bart Wallet.

The Advisory Board is a non-executive body composed of leading international experts in different fields. It is expected to offer professional advice at all levels relevant to the research infrastructure (scientific, technical, financial, etc.).

RESILIENCE’s governance bodies shall provide the Advisory Board with all relevant information in order to give advice and shall consider its recommendation when making decisions. The Advisory Board may be also be asked to issue an opinion on specific topics brought in by any governance body.

Go here to get to know the Advisory Board Members.