News 21 February 2023

NOSTER First Associate Partner of RESILIENCE

The Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion (NOSTER) is the first academic network to become an Associate Partner of RESILIENCE.

The agreement between both organizations was signed by the Academic Director of NOSTER, Matthijs den Dulk, and by Herman Selderhuis on behalf of RESILIENCE, Tuesday February 21st.


NOSTER is the main platform for research and training in the fields of theology and Religious Studies in the Netherlands and Flanders. Matthijs den Dulk, Academic Director of NOSTER: “We’re grateful for the opportunity to become an Associate Partner of RESILIENCE, which will no doubt play an important role in the future of the academic study of religion in Europe. I’m looking forward to many fruitful exchanges and collaborations with our new partners.”

Herman Selderhuis (Theological University of Apeldoorn): “RESILIENCE is happy to have expanded with a strong partner like NOSTER. The expertise and resources of this School are highly valuable for the Research Infrastructure that RESILIENCE wants to be.”

Associate Partners

Associate Partners (third parties) can be other RIs, commercial institutions, GLAM-institutions, national and international academic institutions or scientific communities, consortia of institutions, academic institutions including those from outside the ESFRI community. They have certain rights, like participation in the working units and having the observing status in governance bodies. Read more here.