News 23 November 2022


We are happy to announce, that in our efforts of establishing a permanent Research Infrastructure for Religious Studies in Europe, we will be supported by the Italian Project ITSERR. ITSERR (Italian Strengthening of ESFRI RI RESILIENCE) will develop a series of tools and services that are valuable to the Religious Studies community and that will be offered to the RESILIENCE service catalogue.


ITSERR is based on the postulate that the Humanities can offer superdiverse datasets whose complexity challenges technologies and ICT scholars. Therefore, the project aims at transforming the scientific community of Religious Studies from being a mere actor in the implementation of established technologies to the driver of a new match with the new assets of AI/BD/HPC.

Tools and Services

This means, that in the future RESILIENCE will be enriched by tools and services which start from domain-specific use cases and can be adopted for further research in Religious Studies. More information on these tools and services can be found here.

Mutual Benefits

Both projects, ITSERR and RESILIENCE, will benefit from each other. For example: methods, protocols, plans, and architectures developed by RESILIENCE can be tested by ITSERR, while ITSERR can make use of RESILIENCE’s service/IT strategy and Data Management Plan, as well as a large, shared TNA programme.