News 11 November 2022

Spread the Word about What RIs are and What we Can do Together

Our director Francesca Cadeddu attended the annual conference of the Association of Italian Cultural Institutes in Naples this week, and took part in the session related to digitisation of cultural heritage.

RESILIENCE contributed to the session on Next Generation EU and the digitisation of Italian cultural heritage held in archives, libraries and museums. For RESILIENCE is it important to get in contact with these institutions and to find and understand ways of collaboration while we build the Research Infrastructure. RESILIENCE can be of help for cultural heritage institutions dealing with religious heritage and strengthen their specific and essential role in supporting research and making their collections visible and (digital) accessible.

Francesca Cadeddu:

“It has been a great opportunity to present RESILIENCE as an RI and ITSERR as a project strengthening it within the national context in front of librarians and archivists from all over Italy. Opportunities such as today’s conference offer us the chance to meet different types of users and also spread the word about what RIs are and what we can do together”.