Transnational Access Fellowships

Direct, fast, and effective access to collections, guided by experts.

For Whom

Are you a scholar in need of access to a specific collection or rare document? Would you prefer a research visit which provides expertise and physical access tailored to your requirements, as well as opportunities for networking? Would you like to physically connect with experts in order to deepen your knowledge of your research domain? RESILIENCE TNA can provide all this and more!


The RESILIENCE Transnational Access Programme (TNA) offers physical and virtual access to a number of European institutions and libraries. Its aim is to facilitate and foster easy access to sources, resources, expertise and services for researchers in Religious Studies. The TNA hosts grant access to their collections of manuscripts, rare books, documents and materials. Furthermore, RESILIENCE aims at matching all successful TNA applicants with relevant scholars who can provide tailored expertise.

What We Offer

  • Support for researchers requiring direct physical and virtual access to their specific research material.
  • Access to the expertise of local peers.
  • Increased visibility for publications resulting from the research visit.

How You Benefit

  • You have direct and effective access to research materials, as well as a place to work.
  • You have faster access to resources, which means more effective use of research time.
  • You can build up your academic and/or professional network within your area of expertise.
  • You can promote your research using RESILIENCE channels.

How it Works

If you would like to apply as a TNA user, we require an official application, including an abstract of your project and its relevance to RESILIENCE. See the Call for Applications page for more details.

For information regarding specific TNA hosts, go here. For further questions, please contact the appointed TNA coordinator.


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