Call for Applications for RESILIENCE TNA Fellowships 2024-2025

Scholars and researchers from across Europe are invited to apply for a research fellowship, to visit the special collections, archives, and libraries of our TNA hosts. The TNA (Transnational Access) fellowships are an answer to the need of scholars to have direct, fast, and effective access to research objects, which are located in different countries.



The goal of RESILIENCE TNA is to facilitate direct, fast, and effective access for scholars to the objects of their research. TNA hosts grant access to their collections of manuscripts, rare books, documents and materials. RESILIENCE also provides a unique match-making service, matching TNA scholars with relevant experts who can provide tailored expertise.

Benefits and Expenses

TNA users can visit institutions in a country other than the one in which they reside. TNA users will have free access to the collections, as well as tailored support from the institution, and assistance from local experience scholars relevant to the user’s research. A TNA visit thus means faster access to resources, and therefore more effective use of research time.

Users spent typically two weeks at the host institution, meeting experts and scholars, the curator of the special collections, conservator and restorers, etc.

Travel and accommodation expenses – unless otherwise specified on the host’s page – are the responsibility of the TNA user.


Current TNA hosts are:

You will read more specific information on the TNA host offer by following the links above.

In the future, other institutions may also become a TNA host.


Users should aim to publish the results with a realistic timing and preferably in open access ISI or SCOPUS refereed journals that have substantial academic impact. Support of the EU as well the use of RESILIENCE services must be clearly acknowledged in the academic publication.

Who Can Apply?

Scholars from Europe and from countries associated to Horizon Europe can apply for a fellowship:

  • Early- and mid-career level scholars who require direct access to specific documents and materials in our hosting institutions in order to complete their analysis.
  • Researchers who would like to take advantage of both access to collections as well as local expertise.

Next Calls for Applications TNA Fellowships

The present call is open and will close on May 1, 2024. The second call in 2024 will open on October 15, 2024 and close on December 1, 2024.

The TNA Fellowships resulting from the calls are to take place in the academic year 2024-2025.


The application process is closed as per May 1, 2024.


For general questions about the application procedure and Transnational Access (TNA), please contact the RESILIENCE TNA team.

If you have specific questions about the holdings and research at a particular TNA facility, please consult the local contact person at that TNA Host:


*In the present circumstances and until further notice, we cannot facilitate research visits at Bar-Ilan University via the TNA Programme.