Event 07 May 2024

Strengthening the Research Infrastructure RESILIENCE: ITSERR at #EuARe2024

21 May 2024 - 21 May 2024

Tuesday May 21, ITSERR is organizing a panel at #EuARe2024 in Palermo, presenting the first research and methodological outcomes achieved by the team. You're welcome to join, to share your feedback and to enter into dialogue on similar types of research and development activities.


ITSERR is the Italian research project aimed at enhancing the ESFRI RESILIENCE Research Infrastructure. Its primary goal is to meet the evolving needs of the Religious Studies scientific community and support the national infrastructure to drive it towards a more mature level. By endorsing new technological paradigms, the project is willing to play a pivotal role in enriching the diversity, the quality and innovation of knowledge produced by the community of Religious Studies.

ITSERR operates on the postulate that the Humanities can offer superdiverse datasets whose complexity challenges technologies and ICT scholars. Therefore, the project aims at transforming the role of the scientific community of Religious Studies from being a mere actor in the usage of established technologies to the role of proactive driver pioneering new findings by integrating the newest assets of Artificial Intelligence/Big Data/High Performance Computing.

Launched in November 2022, ITSERR has already started to gain results. The panel presents the first research and methodological outcomes achieved by the ITSERR interdisciplinary team composed of researchers in Religious Studies and Information Technologies. The aim of the panel is to gather feedback from the research community and to open a dialogue on how similar types of research and development activities are undertaken by other research teams all over Europe.


Francesca Cadeddu


Francesca Cadeddu


Usman Nawaz, Marianna Napolitano, Federico Alpi, Igor Spanò, Marco Papasidero, Vincenzo Roberto Imperia, Arianna Pavone, Domenico Ciccarello, Federico Ruozzi, Laura Righi, Ilaria Sabbatini, Andrea Ravasco, Ivana Panzeca, Antonio Pio Di Cosmo, Amina El Ganadi, Francesca Cadeddu, Anna Mambelli, Riccardo Vigliermo, Sara Abram, Fabio Tutrone


“Giorgio La Pira” Library, Teatro
Via degli Schioppettieri, 25
90133 Palermo

May 21, 2024, 08:30 – 16:30

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The European Academy of Religion, EuARe, offers a platform for researchers and scholars to meet, exchange ideas, collaborate, and develop further research. EuARe is an independent association supporting the study, research, and collaboration of religious topics across disciplines at the intersection of religion and social, cultural, and political issues. In recent years, good cooperation has been established between RESILIENCE and EuARe, resulting in a permanent place for RESILIENCE in the program.

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