Event 10 May 2024

Scientific Diplomacy Forum at #EuARe2024

20 May 2024 - 20 May 2024

RESILIENCE is co-sponsoring the Scientific Diplomacy Forum at #EuARe2024 in Palermo, May 20, 2024, discussing how diplomacy is enhanced by Research Infrastructures and Scientific Programmes.


The purpose of the Forum, which is hosted by the European Academy of Religion and cosponsored by FSCIRE – Fondazione per le scienze religiose and RESILIENCE Research Infrastructure, is to engage into an exchange of experiences and practices at the highest level, aiming at discussing how diplomacy is enhanced by Research Infrastructures and Scientific Programmes, and how the development of knowledge – including the knowledge about religious aspects, notions, elements – can properly address the 4 EU priorities: Protecting citizens and freedoms, Developing a strong and vibrant economic base, Building a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe, and Promoting European interests and values on the global stage.


European Academy of Religion, FSCIRE – Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose, RESILIENCE – Research Institute


Abdulla AlSubousi, Francesco Di Nitto, Joseph Donnelly, Jan Marco Müller, Piotr Wilczek, Evarist Bartolo, Gianluigi Consoli, Asher Maoz, Herman Selderhuis, Mariano Crociata, Elizabeta Kitanovic, Erkki Tuomioja, Salvatore Capasso, Francesca Cadeddu, Lidia Borrell-Damián, Bonnie Wolff-Boenisch, Monique Bossi, Mauro Bertelletti, Alessandro Capra


Palazzo Steri, Sala Magna
Piazza Marina, 60
90133 Palermo PA

Monday May 20, 2024, 14:00 to 17:15 h

About EuARe

The European Academy of Religion, EuARe, offers a platform for researchers and scholars to meet, exchange ideas, collaborate, and develop further research. EuARe is an independent association supporting the study, research, and collaboration of religious topics across disciplines at the intersection of religion and social, cultural, and political issues. In recent years, good cooperation has been established between RESILIENCE and EuARe, resulting in a permanent place for RESILIENCE in the program.

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