News 10 May 2023

Six New Hosts for Transnational Access Fellowships

RESILIENCE is proud to welcome six new Transnational Access (TNA) hosts, as a result of the recent call for applications. With these new hosts, the network has expanded from seven to thirteen RESILIENCE TNA hosts in eleven different countries, offering access to diverse and unique collections to TNA scholars, and grown in diversity.


One of RESILIENCE’s current services is to offer research institutions the opportunity of becoming a TNA host for international scholars by joining the unique Europe-wide Research Infrastructure for Religious Studies. The first Call for Applications for Transnational Access (TNA) hosts closed on April 30, 2023. It resulted in the acceptance of six new institutions as a TNA Host.


The new TNA Hosts are

With these new TNA Hosts, the network of RESILIENCE TNA has grown in terms of diversity: we can now offer access to expert collections on world church, mission, and contextual theologies (mikado Library), Central European religious history (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology), Digital Humanities and computational linguistics (CIRCSE), Jewish studies and traditions (Bar-Ilan University), extensive theological and philosophical collections on Caucasian and orthodox Christianity (New Georgian University), and access to both collections and experts on the Islamic Sufi Bektashi Order (Bektashi World Center).

Go here to read the overview of all the TNA Hosts.

Call for Applications TNA Fellowships

The expansion of the number of TNA hosts is important in view of the upcoming call for applications for TNA fellowships, which launches May 15, 2023.

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