News 23 February 2023

We Need Your Expertise!

If one thing became clear today in Sofia, it is that personal contacts are invaluable in developing a European research infrastructure.

Bulgarian Researchers

A team from RESILIENCE had come to the Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies “Prof. Ivan Dujčev” to meet with Bulgarian researchers from different disciplines and learn from them what their needs and requirements are.


To find this out, a series of interviews were conducted, both in groups and individually. Through these, the RESILIENCE team received many answers, and also new questions arose that will have to be thought through further.

Through presentations of Dimitar Iliev and Tsvetan Vassilev, insight was given into the state of research regarding of some digital projects like Telamon and Zografi. 

Expertise Needed

It became clear, that RESILIENCE needs the expertise of Bulgarian scholars in the further development of the RI. But the reverse is also the case. Bulgarian scholars confirmed that they need RESILIENCE’s expertise and services.

The interviews will now be worked out, after which teams from Workpackage Users (led by the University of Münster) and Workpackage Services (led by KU Leuven) will continue to work on them.


More such meetings in other parts of Europe will be held, in order to get a more complete picture of what is needed among researchers in the field of Religious Studies.