News 02 September 2022

Boosting Collaboration at Palermo

Earlier this week, RESILIENCE workpackage and unit leaders met at Palermo for a three-days work session. Boosting collaboration was a central element in the various sessions.

Open Space

An entire day was devoted to open space sessions, where each had the opportunity to name topics that needed further exploration. By thinking together about these topics, new insights and useful advice emerged for the further steps in the current Preparatory Phase (2022-2026) of RESILIENCE.


The principles involved in the work during this preparatory phase (2022-2026) were also discussed, with it becoming increasingly clear where the links between the various tasks lie and how necessary it is for the various teams to be aware of each other’s progress and to collaborate as well as possible. For example: a better understanding of user needs (workpackage 3), will help us preparing and prioritizing the services RESILIENCE will offer (workpackage 2) and identifying the impact the RI wants to achieve on the Religious Studies community (workpackage 5).

As one of the participants said: “This meeting helps me to be in RESILIENCE team instead of in my university team”.

La Pira Library

The meeting was held at Palermo at the La Pira Library, representing the linguistic, doctrinal and cultural diversity of Islamic history.