RESILIENCE's services are based on two types of access: physical and digital. Physical access covers manuscripts, documents and special collections which are not yet digitized and which are only available in the physical holdings of the institutions; digital access is offered by the corresponding e-infrastructure, aiming to collect all the digitally available, born-digital and digitally transformed data in one single and distributed ecosystem and to make them available to the research disciplines.

The combination of physical and digital access makes RESILIENCE unique.

Research-Enhancing Services

The RESILIENCE Research-Enhancing Services support you with your research project.

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Research-Enabling Services

The RESILIENCE Research-Enabling Services is a cluster of general services frequently used within Digital Religious Studies.

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Research Data Management

RESILIENCE Research Data Management covers topics such as storage and preservation of your research data during a project or thesis work, and ensures a sustainable initial planning as well as long-term archiving and sharing data and results.

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Data Center

The RESILIENCE Data Center services provide you basic technical services.

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Reference Architecture

The RESILIENCE Reference Architecture provides you with guidelines, widgets, and data models to integrate effectively and easily components.

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Innovation Lab

The RESILIENCE Innovation Lab provides you services to check ideas and research hypotheses at the earliest possible stage of your research roadmap.

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Service Center

The RESILIENCE Service Center provides you a help desk to drop any question about a service, dataset, or a tool within the RESILIENCE research infrastructure.

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About us


Picking up the ESFRI Forum’s qualification that religious studies is a high potential strategic area, thirteen academic institutions have created a consortium which addresses the needs of a larger and infra-structured involvement of excellent scholars.

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